A Marine Fighting For Us

Rebuilding a Healthy Michigan

As a Global Leader in Logistics, John Lacny has developed and managed logistics operations in 22 countries. As our next State Representative, John Lacny will fight to bring supply chain jobs, like prescription drug and personal protection
equipment manufacturing, back to Michigan.

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Reopening Schools Safely

As a son of a High School Principal, John Lacny understands that whether a child would like to enter a skilled trade, or attend college they should an opportunity to do that safely.  As our State Representative, John Lacny fight to ensure that our schools have the proper funding to educate our children in a safe and healthy environment

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Protecting Seniors

John Lacny knows that nearly 40% of the casualties coming from seniors living in assisted living centers is unacceptable. As our State Representative, John Lacny will fight for new policies and procedures that prohibit government from putting seniors in harm’s way and ensures that assisted living centers maintain the medical equipment and supplies that is needed.  

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